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  • National premiere

  • Rock opera by Vladimir BOGATOFF

  • Turaida Rose

  • A Symbol of Fidelity in Love

  • Arena Riga

  • November 1, 2024

The legend of medieval Sigulda and 21st century show technology in the grandiose performance by Vladimir BOGATOFF new rock opera !

On November 1 Arēna Rīga will host the national premiere of Vladimir Bogatoff’s rock opera Turaida Rose, which will be staged by Amber Way Studio - this is her second author’s project (the first was the youth musical BLACK X WHITE, which also premiered at Arēna Rīga on March 2 this year and a short the announcement can be viewed at the link ).

The libretto of the opera is based on the national legend of the beautiful girl Maya from Turaida, who was nicknamed the Turaida Rose for her beauty and kindness. The role of Maya will be performed by the prima of the Latvian Opera and Ballet Theatre Marlena Keine, who previously took part in the Amber Way company project “The Best Songs of World Musicals” (some songs from musicals performed by her can be viewed at the links ,  and ).

The composition of the creative troupe will be international and will include famous performers from both the field of opera and other musical genres, accompanied by the JP Magic Orchestra under the direction of conductor Guntars Bernats, complemented by the trio of cellists Melo-M.

The production of the rock opera  will be very original and the audience will be able to enjoy not only the gorgeous voices of the performers, but also plunge into the atmosphere of medieval Sigulda due to the huge ice screens. Choreography, a variety of musical instruments, including an organ, choral accompaniment and powerful voices of vocalists, the melody of the songs and the deep meaning of the poetic content - all this should create an unforgettable impression on the audience!

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In the spring of 1601, Swedish troops captured Turaida Castle. After the battle, the local clerk Greif found a little girl alive among the dead. He undertook to raise the orphan and named her Maya.

Years passed, Maya grew up to be a beautiful girl and people called her Turaida Rose. Her fiancé, gardener Viktor Heil, lived in Sigulda Castle. In the evenings they met each other at Gutman's cave. Adam Yakubovsky, one of the “legionaries” of Turaida Castle, fell in love with Maya. Maya rejected his proposal, so Yakubovsky decided to get the girl by force. He, allegedly on behalf of Victor, wrote a letter inviting her to urgently come for a meeting in Gutman’s cave.

Arriving at the meeting place, Maya realized that she had been confused. And she chose death in the name of love. She had a red scarf with her. Maya told Yakubovsky that the scarf protects her against sword strikes and ordered him to test the magical power of the scarf. Yakubovsky raised his sword, and after the blow Maya fell dead to the ground.

Victor found the murdered Maya and, in despair, rushed to Turaida for help. When people came to the cave, they found the gardener's hatchet there. Victor was accused of Maya's death and put on trial. The course of events was changed by Skudritis, Yakubovsky’s associate, who appeared at the court hearing and told the truth. Victor was acquitted, and Maya was buried on the outskirts of the Turaida cemetery, where the inconsolable Victor planted a linden tree.



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